Narrowband Filter

Available in 2-inch and 1.25-inch
Laser Collimator for Newtonian Reflectors

2" - 1.25" eyepiece adapter with twist lock

Antares 1529 Refractor OTA

Now with sliding dewshield


Antares 105mm Refractor OTA

In the spirit of UNITRON. Refractors for a lifetime.

Click here for more info.


Antares SWA Series 2

Introducing ANTARES SWA Series 2 Eyepieces. Exquisite 80º+ AF performance at an affordable price. The five new models are:

4.9mm, 7.2mm, 9.4mm: $159.95
13.4mm: $169.95 17mm: $189.95


W70 Series

The 50º eyepiece is dead. These highly corrected 70 degree AF eyepieces are the new standard.

4.3mm, 5.7mm, 9.7mm, 15mm: $79.95
34mm $99.95


Antares Solar Filter

View the Sun color-free with Baader safety film. Includes 2.9" cell with safety glass

MSRP $59.95 CAD (Cell mounts extra**)

**We can fit these to ANY telescope.


Antares Ball Bearing Tube Rotatators

Turn the viewing angle of your Newtonian with the object in view! Allow tube balancing.

From $299 CAD (MSRP)


Illuminated Rightangle Finder

XX-variable illumminated reticles. 50mm and 80mm. Black, blue or white. Reverted or corrected image.

MSRP $99.95 CAD (Non-Illuminated)
MSRP $169.95 (Illuminated)

Bracket Extra


Dielectric Diagonals with adaptor

99% reflectivity for your refractor or SCT

MSRP $119.95 CAD

Dielectric Ellipticals

Tune up your Newtonian with a 99% ellipitcal. 1.1" - 2.7"

From $29.95 CAD (MSRP)


Micro adjustable Crayford Focusers

10:1 fine adjust. Include 2" - 1.25" adaptor w/ compression ring. Adaptor plates (to telescope**) extra

MSRP $149.95 CAD

**We can fit these to ANY telescope.


F/6.3 SCT Focal Reducer

4-element and fully multicoated. 1.25" and 2" barrel focal reduvers available.

MSRP $99.95 CAD


Side-view Laser Collimators

MSRP $59.95 CAD



Binocular Viewer

With infinite focus and 20mm clear aperture