Antares Speers-Waler Long Eyerelief Series

SW10mm and 14mm models are offered with 16mm eye-relief for those who observe with glasses or those who just prefer this more relaxed style of viewing. This was the original design,; apparent field is reduced to 72 degees but all other features of image integrity are retained.

What if you drop your eyepiece and break it, a lens de-laminates, a coating goes bad, or a piece of dust or paint falls inside? We repair and clean SW eyepiecs on a cost recovery basis. Other brands? You're problably out of luck and on your own.
Elite Plossls

These premium Plossls offer the observer the ultimate in contrast. Superior lens polishing with multi-coating on all internal air-glass surfaces, these eyepieces provide orthoscopic-type definition with the added luxury of a 52 degree apparent field. In this regard, the extra field makes them more useable as an all-around eyepiece. Planets, as well as illusive nebulosities and clusters will be presented with dazzling detail. Standard features include 5 or 7 element designs with premium, fully multicoated, edge blackedned optics, engraved lettering, slip-on eyeshield and standard filter threaded barrels. The result: Ultra-crisp imaging. In our tests these eyepieces have never been beaten at what they do. Get the set and the aluminum case is included. For the discerning observer.
Classic Erfles

The 6-Element Erfle has a renowned reputation for providing wide, expansive, flat-field images. If your telescope has a 2" focuser, these eyepieces will deliver crisp, high contrast and stunningly wide views of the heavens. Standard features include 2" barrels threaded for standard filters, fully mulit-coated design, edge blackened lenses, rubber grips and fold-down rubber eyeshield. All models have luxurious eye relief and have apparent fields of 65 degrees. If you have high F-ratio, the Erfle 32mm is available with 70 degrees. If that isn't enough, get the 8-element Modified Erfle 300mm: just about the widest view possible with the 2" format. Get any three of them and the aluminum case is included.
Antares W70 Series

The W70 series eyepieces offer extra field and extra eye relief without sacrificing image quality. Many observers don't like having their eye too close to the eyepiece, on average, the W70 series oculars have an eye relief of 15mm. Combine that with a wide apparent field of view and you have eyepieces that are very comfortable and nice to use. Larger clusters and nebulosities will now easily fit into your field of view at higher magnification, and your eyeball won't be pressed up against the glass. Standard features include multi-coating, fold-down rubber eyeshield, rubber grips, standard filter threaded barrels and edge-blacked lenses. Get the set and get the aluminum case included.

The Plossl eyepiece is by far the most popular ocular in use today. With its 4-element symmetrical doublet design, it has low aberrations with almost every type of instrument. With a wide 52 degrees of apparent field, the Antares Plossls provide clear, crisp images with outstanding contrast. There are many focal Lengths available and each features precision optics with all four faces multicoated and edge blackening for the maximum possible contrast. Fold-down rubber eyeshields and barrels threaded for standard filters are included. If you compare the features found with Antares Plossls, you must agree that they are an outstanding value. Choose any 8 focal lengths and get the aluminum hard case included.





-- Barlow Lens ---


These high performance Barlows feature 27mm elements and fullly-muliticoated achromatic design. Available in both 2x and 3x, these short designs will work in diagonals, have internal darkening and edge-blackened lenses, and are parfocal with most eyepieces. Suitable for high contrast, high power applications in any telescope.


These discerning observer will want to take a close look at the model UB2SD Barlow. With 27mm of clear aperture and full mulitcoating, this 3-element apochromatic design delivers the same high contrast but with superior colour correction.



For observers that want to power-up their 2" eyepieces, model 2UBS offers a 1.6x increase in magnification and reduced spherical aberration with all oculars. With a clear aperture of 41mm, this fully multicoated achromatic design will work in any telescope with the 2" format, including those using a 2" diagonal. Features include rubber grip, 2-screw clamping, edge-blackened elements and internal baffling.