Antares Objective Lenses

There are a wide range of achromatic objective lenses available, from low cost production lenses for school projects, cemented binocular objectives and commercial grade and elite air-spaced refractor lenses. Our top of the line objectives are purchased from the supplier to the "Vixen" brand and feature superb chromatic correction with ultra smooth polishing for maximum contrast.
Antares Objective Mirrors

We offer a wide range of precision spherical and parabolic objective mirrors for those interested in constructing their own Newtonian telescope. All mirrors are aluminized and silicon oxide overcoated, specifications are included with the price list. Rubber mirror clips extra.
Antares Elliptical Flat Mirrors

1/10 wave elliptical flat mirrors for your Newtonian project. Different sizes are available on either plate glass or Pyrex and with either enhanced aluminum or silver with silicon oxide overcoat. Listed dimensions are minor axis.
Refractor Focuser

2" Rack&Pinion focuser for refractors. Features include helical gears with Teflon bearings and aluminum construction.